Dec 31

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@Aae643 Okay, another attempt. This market will almost certainly be NO as of the market close date, and yet I can't bet NO because you said you might extend the close date. Please extend the market now to a definitive close date -- otherwise it's impossible to bet NO.

@Aae643 please update given this week’s vote and Biden’s signature. Do you resolve YES?

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@SusanneinFrance It shouldn't resolve, because if ByteDance sells off TikTok, then it won't be banned. There's no resolution yet.

@Aae643 Like Matty B asked below: This is for 2024, as the close date implies?

@Tsunombie I will extend it if no decision has been made by the end of 2024.

@Aae643 What are the conditions in which this market could resolve NO?

@Tsunombie the government not choosing to ban tiktok and letting it continue as is

@Aae643 But when will you know they aren't going to ban tiktok? Doesn't that need a time limit?

@Aae643 In other words, Congress is probably not going to release a statement saying, "No, we have decided we won't ban TikTok." Or, maybe a bill banning TikTok fails to pass . . . but there could always be another bill. So how and when will you know that the government is not choosing to ban TikTok?

@Aae643 I feel like I'm not getting through here, so let me say it again: This market as written will never resolve NO. It needs to be fixed.

I am praying for TikTok to be banned!

@Aae643 in 2024, right?

@mattyb I will extend if no decision has come up in 2024 this is just general will it get banned

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