Will YouTube be blocked in Russia before the end of 2023?
Dec 31

This question is inspired by the 2022 market: https://manifold.markets/MetaculusBot/will-youtube-be-blocked-in-russia-i

Resultion criteria

I will use the same resolution criteria as the 2021 and 2022 questions on Metaculus:
This question will resolve positively if, according to at least 3 independent media reports, the entire Youtube website is blocked in Russia for at least 7 consecutive days between market start and December 31, 2023. Otherwise, it will resolve negatively.

Author betting policy

I will bet on this market for calibration purposes.

The 2022 market:

UPD 2022-12-20: updated target period in the market description to match the question (2023 instead of 2022).

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Noa Nabeshima
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Noa Nabeshimabought Ṁ100 of NO

@NoaNabeshima Oops, this link is for the wrong year. Please ignore

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Domain seems blocked atm?

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jcbis predicting NO at 51%

@NikitaSkovoroda These blocks seem to date from 2014 and 2016?

I don't see any news indicating that Youtube is blocked, though it looks like a prosecutor is trying: https://www.easternherald.com/2023/02/24/vladimirs-prosecutors-office-demanded-to-block-youtube-in-russia/

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@jcb the actual court decision appears to be from 2014-2016, but it seems to have appeared as an entry in the digital blocklist recently? The blocklist that ISPs have to use. Not very sure yet though

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Last week, Evegni Prigozhin said YouTube would be banned in Russia soon (source in Russian). Although he does certainly not set such policies, he might or might not know something.