Will Manifold allow market creators to easily undo incorrect resolutions?
resolved Mar 2

Now that Manifold has implemented the functionality to fix mistaken resolutions (https://manifold.markets/serpa/will-the-philadelphia-eagles-win-th), will they make this something that market creators can easily use by themselves without admin help?

At close, I will resolve this market NO. Then, I will attempt to change the resolution to YES, but only if I can do it by myself, without requesting assistance from admins and without incurring any major inconvenience (large mana penalty, reputation penalty, etc.) I'll keep trying periodically but if I still can't do it by end of 2023 then I will give up and leave it permanently as NO. I will only attempt to change the resolution to YES, not N/A.

I won't bet or otherwise take a derivative position in this market.

Close date updated to 2023-03-01 11:59 pm

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Clever resolution criteria!

There’s a few ways this might get implemented that would still result in NO, for example if there is a time window after initial resolution on fixing resolutions, and the feature is implemented late in the year, or if there is a minimum market liquidity to fix a resolution, and this market doesn’t reach the threshold

@JimHays True, good point. I'm going to resolve this market exactly as stated in the description and hopefully that corresponds well to the intended feature but if not please price that in accordingly!

predicted YES

@A Your written resolution criteria seems clear enough. 👍🏼 my YES here is mostly wishful thinking