Will the NFL lose the "Sunday Ticket" trial?
Jul 1


The market will resolve to YES if:

1. The NFL is found liable and loses the trial regarding the distribution of its "Sunday Ticket" package, resulting in a court ruling against the NFL.

2. A settlement occurs that results in substantial injunctive relief altering the current "Sunday Ticket" arrangements significantly.

The market will resolve to NO if:

1. The NFL wins the trial.

2. The case is dismissed without substantial changes to the "Sunday Ticket" package.

3. The case is settled without significant injunctive relief.

Final determination will be based on reliable news sources or official court documents confirming the outcome.

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The NFL would have never let this go to trial if they were uncertain they were going to lose. They will win and they will now have a precedent set moving forward so people won't mess with them about broadcast rights. Either that, or they lose and the new precedent set by the trial outcome offsets the charges and is more lucrative for them in the long run and it won't look like an anti-consumer decision and instead a court-mandated decision.

How will you determine if a settlement counts as a "win"? I suggest based on the injunctive relief.

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