Will the San Francisco 49ers dynamite the Kansas City Chiefs? 🏈 Super Bowl LVIII
resolved Feb 12

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Let's fucking go, it's Super Bowl Sunday in America!

This morning I need apologies from each and every one of you and an entire barrel of chicken nuggies. 🤣 Underdogs my ass! 😭

Imagine betting against the Swifties LMAO

@sama my large bet was only because of the swiftie matchfixing that always seems to happen

I don’t know what I’m doing but I am pot committed at this point

@Gen you damn better believe in Taybor as a dgger

@Shah Of course, and the Aussie kicks for them too - so I have to support the 49ers

@Shah love taybor. but the chiefs must win.

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@Gen My friend you're getting demoted for this season

@AmmonLam It’s gamblin time

This is incredible.


if i had any more mana id be putting it all on the chiefs rn. real ones know why

@BryceBowemd39 I'll keep it secret

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providing liquidity for anyone who wants to bet on chiefs @ market price

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Alright I'm here to bet against Taylor Swift again.

@Joshua Taylor Swift Mana Machine!

@Joshua Taylor always wins.

@Joshua Taylor always wins. Oops idk why posted twice. Can’t I delete comments?

@Joshua I have performed a Jinx-Judo by initially betting against Taylor then pivoting at halftime

currently 3 to 0

opened a Ṁ10,000 NO at 50% order

10k at 50%, lasts for 5 minutes

Just so everyone’s clear, “dynamite” just means “defeat”, right?

@Conflux YES. 100%. Sorry I didn't make that clear in the description, I had for all the games all season long just created this question early and hadn't added it. I DO NOT play those games. The question here, written in a convivial manner is "Will the San Francisco 49ers defeat the Kansas City Chiefs?"

@NFL Give a refund for me! This is not what I am participating in this market for and it is maybe disgusting for me?