M*T :cry: (my dream school)
Mar 14

Check my Columbia University question for stats. Expecting 10% on this question in a month, but you miss all the shots you don't take.

Got into WISE (their fly-in), so take that how you will.

I've applied EA.

Update: deferred

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Last year, only 146 out of 7892 deferred applicants to MIT were admitted: less than 2%.

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@a Number is higher for people who get into MIT Wise. A lot higher

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Will this market remain open if you get waitlisted

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I’ve been deferred from MIT.

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@0xd34db33f Extended the market until Pi Day.

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@0xd34db33f good luck!! hope to lose everything here

@0xd34db33f Question: how will this resolve if you're accepted early decision to Columbia? Aren't you required to rescind your other applications, since ED is a binding contract?

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@Vik I will wait until MIT’s decision only a few days later to resolve this market.

@0xd34db33f Cool! Good luck! You got this :)

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what kind of info causes the market to spike like this now? did the market creator win some sort of big award or something?

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@Conflux I wouldn't think awards shift decisions this late into the admissions round
Also idt this market has had sufficient bets to have converged

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@JuniKim yeah I doubt it. Just couldn’t think of any factors

I guess…

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@Conflux Diana is someone who the market creator knew and referred to Manifold, that’s where the yes bets came from