Will I get into Columbia University?
closes Dec 17

Applying Early Decision


1570 SAT (800 math, 770 EBRW)

3.7 GPA UW (school doesn't do weighted, no class rank)

5 on APUSH exam (only AP so far, school only offered two junior year)


Co-Captain of a cybersecurity team called ShadowBrokers (T25 worldwide on HackTheBox)

Scholar and Researcher at NYU, conducted password security research

Content Engineer for HackTheBox, making hackable machines to be deployed to 2m+ members.

Competitive Debater for my school's debate team, debating on social issues on a nationwide level (won a silver medal for my performance)

Lead Writer for my school's newspaper for all three years of high school until now

Writer Intern at First Take School of Journalism, wrote about current events in US politics


Cisco Certified Network Associate (national, I guess)

GripTape $500 Scholarship (national)

Silver Debate Medal (regional)

Get Ṁ500 play money

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RonSwanson avatar
Ron Swanson

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1 reply
jeremiahsamroo avatar
Jeremiahpredicts NO

@RonSwanson well this is unethical

jeremiahsamroo avatar

They just be letting anyone give out scholarships these days man.💀

6 replies
jeremiahsamroo avatar

@jeremiahsamroo "Grip tape scholarship" head ahhh.

But seriously though, good luck

jeremiahsamroo avatar
Jeremiahbought Ṁ50 of NO

@jeremiahsamroo I don't think you'll get in for the following reasons:

GPA too low, esp if unweighted. Just about everyone at an Ivy (excl. Athletic recruits) has 3.9+ UW GPAs these days.

ECs are decent quality for an Ivy, but not exceptional, and there aren't many.

No big awards. This is not a ding per-se but noting it bc it could otherwise save the application.

Obv intangibles like essay, race, and appeal are important, but definitely won't be enough to swing this to an admission for ED period. If you don't get in ED, your chances are plummet pretty much all the way down to 0.

jeremiahsamroo avatar
Jeremiahpredicts NO

@jeremiahsamroo Also one AP will definitely hurt too. They claim they judge you in the context of your academic opportunities, which is mostly true, but skipping out on one AP looks different when your school offers 7/year vs 2/year. Not availing yourself of all the APs offered at your school is going to reflect poorly on your application

side note: no sports on your application is definitely another thing that could go the wrong way. Most ivy admits played a varsity sport in HS (not all were super involved tbf), and the ones that didn't are the academic superstars who have 1550+ sat, 10 ECs, and IMO gold medals.

All in all, I just don't think you're strong enough.

ShadowyZephyr avatar

1. no AWARDS per se, but a CCNA certification + being on a T25 worldwide team is pretty impressive
2. The thing about varsity sports is not true - about half play varsity sports , for most Ivies.

I agree with you about APs though.

jeremiahsamroo avatar
Jeremiahpredicts NO


  1. fair enough, I don't know anything about CCNA, but I will certainly argue that a non medal placing in a pretty obscure competition doesn't add anything to an application.

  2. Seems pedantic, that's a sizeable plurality. I will admit that this is mostly based on my personal (anecdotal) experience though. Pretty much everyone I know did a varsity sport in HS.

ShadowyZephyr avatar

@jeremiahsamroo HackTheBox isn't that obscure, they have at least 1.7 million community members (one of the largest hacking platforms) and many governments and organizations using it.

With all that being said, I'm somewhat biased because I know the market creator IRL.

Gabrielle avatar


For comparison, last year’s admission rate was 3.9%. It sounds like your odds are a good deal better than that, but the base rate for Columbia (or any Ivy League) is very low.