Will I get into Columbia University?
resolved Mar 28

Applying Early Decision to SEAS

Computer Science major


1570 SAT (800 math, 770 EBRW)

3.7 GPA UW (school doesn't do weighted, no class rank)

5 on APUSH exam (only AP so far, school only offered two junior year)


Co-Captain of a cybersecurity team called ShadowBrokers (T20 worldwide on HackTheBox)

Scholar and Researcher at NYU, conducted password security research

Content Engineer for HackTheBox, making hackable machines to be deployed to 2m+ members.

Competitive Debater for my school's debate team, debating on social issues on a nationwide level (won a silver medal for my performance)

Lead Writer for my school's newspaper for all three years of high school until now

Writer Intern at First Take School of Journalism, wrote about current events in US politics

Cashier at a regional supermarket, 10 hours a week (overnight shift)

Owner and sole blogger of a cybersecurity blog with 3k+ monthly visits from around the world


Cisco Certified Network Associate (national, I guess)

GripTape $500 Scholarship (national)

#2 in IWCON CTF 2023 (international)

Gates Semi-Finalist

National Hispanic Recognition Award

Debate Team Regional Silver Medal

Update: Deferred

Update 2: rejected

I was admitted to MIT too, so take that for what you will.

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Honestly looks like a state school or even a decent community college resume.

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what do people think P(accepted|deferred) is at Columbia?

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@yimbylord should be similar to regular

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@AlexCao yea this is my feeling (ish) also. they do have a compelling case though being Hispanic so my guess is higher than 4%.

I was deferred.

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@0xd34db33f I'm still hopeful! 🙌

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@0xd34db33f deferred is not no.

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@0xd34db33f given that decisions are out, you should close and resolve the market as soon as possible.

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Why does the market close Dec. 14? Do you expect to hear back by then?

@BrianCaulfield Yes. Dec. 14, 7 PM ET is the decision release date. Just giving myself some wiggle room to process before resolving the market.

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I'm voting yes because he's a hometown kid killing it and I want him to get in.

Different colleges inside the university have different admission rates. What major are you going for?

@Broseph Computer Science. I’ll update the description.

@0xd34db33f I wrote that I was going for an CS/EE dual major in the why major essay, don’t know if that matters though. I put EE as my second choice major.

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@Broseph Major doesn’t matter as much as school. SEAS has a slightly higher admit rate than the College.

@MarkHamill Good to know. I applied to SEAS.

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@Broseph you can tell he’s doing CS/CE/EE by that username lol

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If you get deferred, does the market get resolved to “no”

@JuniKim I keep the market running until I get a decision. Also, I have officially applied Early Decision.

Knowing some specific things about you would help me make a much better informed decision. No obligation to answer, but here are some questions I would be interested in:

Where are you from? (zip code preferable)


Do you have a hook? (legacy, FGLI, URM, LGBT)

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@xyz where are you from is crazy

@xyz Where I’m from: New York

Race: Hispanic

Sex: Male

Hooks: FGLI, URM

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@0xd34db33f hmm, moderately compelling in that case

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@jeremiahsamroo geographic hook + FIGLI + URM is a powerful combo

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@0xd34db33f Got a good story about oppression for the essays? Honestly even if no, I think you’ve got this