League of Legends Worlds 2022
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League of Legends Worlds 2022 Predictions

With worlds just around the corner, everyone is getting hyped up and making predictions with one another on who they think will perform best at worlds.
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Predicting the Meta and Champions

The first thing people are speculating on is what the meta will look like. See below Caedrel's video reviewing the patch notes for Worlds and breaking down what he predicts the champions we can expect to see.

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Last year at Worlds 2021 there were 92 unique champions either picked or banned. Will this years' Worlds be more diverse?

Which teams will make it out of play-ins?

The other thing people are talking about is which teams will make it out of play-ins and join the main group stage. Most assume that the LPL, LCK, and EU (RNG, DRX, FNC) primary representatives will make it out. But the 4th spot is less clear. People are leaning towards MAD Lions or Evil Genuises, but perhaps DFM or BYG could be potential dark horses.

Which teams will perform the best?

Finally, people have begun making bold statements on which teams will have deep runs. A guest on Hotline League, who perhaps inhaled a bit too much HOPIUM, boldly stated that C9 would reach the grand finals if they managed to make it out of groups and weren't on the same side of the bracket as GENG 🤣

/DavidChee/will-a-korean-team-win-league-of-le /DavidChee/conditional-on-them-making-it-out-o

Related: Transfer News

The other big talking point within the League of Legends Twitter community is speculation on player transfers. Many rumours are already being leaked such as which team Rekkles will find himself on next split.

Check out our group on transfer speculation for League of Legends transfer news and predictions such as some of the markets below.
/DavidChee/will-rekkles-play-a-starting-positi /DavidChee/will-hans-sama-join-karmine-corp

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