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Emanuel Rylke, 31

Describing myself is hard so here is a list of things I did that describe me by implication.


  • went one a three day cycling trip not knowing where exactly I would pitch me tent for the night.

  • have sewn a pair of pants by hand.

  • read my nephew a goodnight story.

  • finished last in a 10.000 pushups in 100 days challenge.

  • have grown a beard for which I got a compliment from a random women on the street.

  • built a sofa.

  • played Factorio for a thousand hours.

  • went swimming in a lake while snow was falling.

  • read David Chapman and enjoyed it immensely.

  • wrote Clojure code in exchange for money.

  • extended a trip over the Atlantic for a few days so that I could attend a contra dance evening.

  • listened to French audio-books, podcasts, and yotutube videos for 300 hours.

  • meditated for 366 hours.

  • set up a Beeminder to make sure these numbers keep increasing.

I'm looking for a woman who is

  • happy to be a woman without a fixed idea what that means exactly.

  • someone with whom a ten minute walk to the bakery can turn into 4 hours of flaneuring along the stream, over the riveted steel bridge, onto a hill we've never been to before, talking about wool fiber, Astrid Lindgren, and the industrial revolution.

  • someone to found a family with who shares my stance that the role of parents is both to be an authority giving guidance and a springboard letting children jump to their calling.

I'm currently based in Berlin but in the medium to long-term I'm happy to live anywhere where there are stretches of nature to explore.

If a relationships with me sounds good in theory and you want to explore whether it also is good in practice you can reach me at

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