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Aella ​, 31

Welcome to this episode of MATEHUNTERS
the one hole aella couldnt fill was her heart

Hi I’m looking for a boy i’d like to touch. Hopefully if you know a boy i would like to touch with this will help you identify him.

Things I want that most boys don’t have, roughly in order of how many boys they filter out and by how important/dealbreakery they are

*open to kids maybe??? and probably doesn’t already have kids/strong life commitments
*financially stable, bonus points for extremely financially stable
*independent, not looking to spend all their time joined at hip
*social power roughly in a similar tier to mine, tho doesn’t need to be same sphere
*is open to risk, brave, caution is calculated, doesn’t let fear of bad outcomes affect taking life by the balls
*very sexually aggro/sinister, tho nearby things might also work?
*real good at [jazzhands] emotional maturity: stuff like detecting and naming emotions, having boundaries and a body, communication, “talking from the stomach”, circling skills, mind meldy moves, speaking-from-poetry-instead-of-accuracy
*l i b e r t a r i a n i s h
*similar IQ range
*accepting of self and others, at peace
*good at (or at least compatible with/tolerant of) rationality n stuff, cold culture, happy to exchange money for social things

how i’m poly

(full-ass post here)

Polyamory is very much mandatory for me, unless you’re a billionaire, because i am down to accept money in exchange for social things. For me, “poly” just means “I don’t place rules on the intimacy my partner has with others.” In practice, I tend to behave mostly monogamously, though recently have been tryin to get more stuffed. I also am down to help you get more slutty!

Im happy to commit time/effort to joint stuff like potential kids or house or ‘relationship development time’, even if it interrupts potential future relationships with other partners.

About Me?

The list of aella-facts is maybe less necessary cause i exhibitionist my personality loudly online into every crevice, but if you want an external list of nice things, my ex Nate Soares has a document originally entitled “My ex is a shit eating whore” which is literally true but google thought he was trying to be mean so it’s now reuploaded here

And for things about me that are maybe more nonobvious potential dealbreakers for people with specific preferences

*80% cold culture
*not good at entering full rationalist mode when emotionally activated
*messy, horribly messy, but fortunately i am happy to exchange money for social things
*more avoidant-attachment style
*constantly dealing with stalkers
*i do not like directly initiating sex almost ever (tho doesnt mean you cant have as much sex as you want)
*i have hyperhidrosis and if im not actively treating it (which is annoying) i sweat profusely from hands and feet. I also have IBS and poop erratically.
*not even the most basic cooking skills
*i like being on the computer a whole lot and dont like doing much outside stuff
*not routine oriented (tho i would like to be)
*do not like threesomes

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